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Questions Concept

Your go to Market Strategy foundations
a. Markets – Detailed study of the market
b. Customers – Who are you selling to? Who is your target customer?
c. Product / Offerings – What product / service are you selling? And your offering for each target group.
d. Price – How much will you charge for your products for each customer group?
e. Positioning – What is your unique value or primary differentiation?

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Benefit of Intellimarket go to market strategy

a. Reduced time to market your product and service
b. Reduced failure rate of product launches
c. Increased ability for your business to adapt
d. Adapt to innovative challenges
e. Ensure great customer experience
f.  Ensure all systems meet the regulatory compliance
g. Avoid waste of time and money by treading on the wrong path
h. Establish success and growth
i. Clarifies plan and direction at all levels

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Consult with an Expert

We understand managing a business is hard and now managing social media can be harder. Got Social Media Marketing questions and how you can generate unlimited leads using Social media? Managing Social media can be fun if you have an expert in your team. You and your team provide the industry knowledge and our experts drive your digital presence. IntelliMarket proven processes, strategies and templates means you will save time and money while you grow your business with ease.

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Company Profile

Every thing online is all about your company. Do you have a specific theme, color palette, font, design to maintain the branding for your company? We shall help you create your brand aesthetic for better awareness.

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Exclusive Mastermind Group

We understand consulting one on one may be expensive and you may not have the budget. While one on one consulting is perfect as you have our experts dedicated to your team there may be some questions that you may not have thought of. In a group learning environment, our clients learn from each other and hand hold for a team success.

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Content Creation with Ease

Almost all business owners have created some presence online however it’s a struggle to maintain their profiles. This is where our experts come in and help your team to research questions asked by your audience online, create content, plan and schedule posts.

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Content Publishing with Ease

Our Social Media tool allows you to sit back and manage your business while we look after your clients online. The whole process is controlled by you and your team with strict approval process prior to any content being posted online this confirms you are in safe hands. You can sit back and relax while we grow your business online.

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Sustainable Business Go To Market Strategy

The more is yet to come! Think there is a lack of live communication and interaction? We have considered it and launched a Live Stream, so you can conduct lectures in real-time. Communicate with the students, stream lessons, allow learners to follow the content and ask questions straight away via the comment section.

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Business Foundations

Do you have a Business plan, or a sales and marketing plan for your business? Or are you running your business with your gut feeling? Well let us take the guess work out and assist you in building the foundations of your business using our proven templates.

Business Legalities

Setting up a business or running a business as a small business owner we tend to overlook a lot of legalities. A simple mistake can cost the business a fortune or the business may end up going bankrupt. In order to safeguard yourself and your business create the legal framework for a successful business with our experts on your side.

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Business start-up financials

One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur or small business owner makes is not maintaining their cashflow. A lot of financial aspects of the business are overlooked by

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Finding you’re A Team

Are you struggling to find the right people to work for you? Do you feel you may not be able to afford local experts? Not sure if you find someone online will work for you? Well we have been hiring expert talent online at fraction charge of local professional. Use our strategies to vet the right client and how to create and manage your projects for success.

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Communication is the key to success when it comes to business. In order for your prospects to convert to a customer, or retaining your existing customers you need to have an easy option for your customer to get in touch with you. Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger are one of the best mobile platforms for your clients to communicate with you. The benefit with these systems is you can respond back from your mobile phone with ease.

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Business Setup

Setting up a business can be daunting if you have not done it before. There are numerous things that are needed to have a successful business. A few things can be overlooked however using our checklist you are sure to tick all boxes for setting up your business.

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Digital Platform Setup

Ever struggled setting up your business profile and wondered how your competitors have it better. Well you are in luck with our step by step setup guide now you can have a professional looking profile across all platforms.

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Secret Growth Tools

We share with you our secret tools to spy on your competitors in way you would not have thought off. Tools that you can use to implement Artificial intelligence for personalised experience for your client.

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Social Media Secrets

We disclose our secrets of social media brand management for you. You will be an expert in organic growth and generating paid traffic. Use behavioural hack to understand your audience and convert prospects to customers.

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SERVE System

Proven Framework to attract leads using behavioral hacks. SERVE Framework taps into Social Media and Digital platforms where your prospects are present to convert them into paying customers.

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We teach you how you can use the latest technologies to communicate with your clients and provide them with a personalised experience. Using messenger we not only service majority of our clients but it provides you a mobile platform where you can easily communicate with ease.
a. FB Messenger
b. WhatsApp Messenger
c. Phone
d. Email

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Business Intelligence

Everything is a waste if we cannot measure our success and use the numbers to grow our business. Using our analytics and data mining strategies you can generate intelligence on Customers, product, sales, conversions and more. Let us know your problem and we are sure we can provide a solution for it.

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Industry specific templates created by our experts provides you with ease of mind when you create your content or your brand online. These templates have been written and improved over the years to increase conversion and provide great customer experience.

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Access to popular payment methods like Paypal, Stripe, WooCommerce. Allow your students to set
up recurring subscriptions and payments for the course bundles.

Create membership plans and manage the number of courses available on the subscription.

Shopping Cart
Allow users to select and add items to the shopping cart for eventual purchase.

One-time Purchase
Configure a one-time purchase option for users to take payments via single transaction.

Affiliate Program
Additional feature in the Point System allowing to add affiliate link for users to share and earn points.

Easily establish Instant online payments via PayPal — the most popular payment gateway.

Sell courses online with one-time and recurring payment options, with Stripe integration.

Admin Profile

Choose between horizontal and vertical menu layouts and create a usable profile with a great-looking appearance.

Staff Profile

Fully managed user profiles serve as personal pages for learners and contain all the needed information.

Documentation Video Tutorials 24/7 Support

We care about our customers and provide free 24/7 support. Ask your questions via Live Chat or Ticket System.

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